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Essential Analytic Mapping & Intelligence to Compete in 2016

NowAmFound GeoGraphics tells you where to go: we provide you with the location intelligence advantage to lead you to “where” and “what’s there”. We provide you a figurative — or a literal — map from your questions to the answers you need to move forward, whether through LI or by connecting you to other resources.

NowAmFound GeoGraphics integrates LI and GIS with experience/education encompassing permitting-architecture-engineering-construction, environmental, bio-science, database, and demographic work, to strengthen your business intelligence, siting/routing, health care/public health/social services, or relief & development work, for-profit or non-profit. Location intelligence gives you the edge in market research and BI, tracking disease factors, researching potential financial donors, or to plan routing/siting/distribution of facilities/activities/transport. Location intelligence is more than pins-on-the-wall, it’s answering complex business questions where “where” is your advantage.

What is location intelligence in real-life? Take a tour of some maps (and the underlying business questions) we’ve produced.

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